PRK Laser Eye Surgery

Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) laser eye surgery has been safely used for several years. It’s actually the forerunner of LASIK eye surgery.


Not everyone is a fine candidate for LASIK eye surgery. Even even though there have been many recent advances in LASIK, there are certain circumstances where PRK eye surgery cost is recommended over LASIK eye surgery. For instance, if the compliant has large pupils or an unusalyy thin cornea, the doctor may suggest PRK.


PRK or LASIK – What’s the Difference?


Your cornea is made going on of layers. The top, or outer layer, called the epithelium, is soft and has the triumph to heal quickly. The buildup underneath is called the stroma – this does not regrow, and it’s the area that’s targeted by the LASIK procedure.


With LASIK eye surgery, a small flap is clip from the cornea, the flap is folded help out of the mannerism and the laser reshapes beneath the surface of the cornea.


However, subsequent to PRK laser surgery, no flap is created, previously the cornea itself is reshaped by removing thin layers of cells from the outer surface. The surgeon uses the laser to vaporize a portion of the epithelium to get entry to the stroma accrual underneath.


Unlike LASIK eye surgery, which boasts a quick recovery time, PRK patients experience a longer recovery time. Also, you’ll experience greater dull pain and discomfort after the procedure. You may even declaration blurred or unclear vision for as long as two months after surgery. You won’t actually look the results of the surgery until after this two month period.


Some Side Effects of PRK


It’s common that PRK patients experience eye dryness and must use lubricating eye drops or pretentious tears as a remedy. Also, the doctor will probably prescribe antibiotics to prevent realizable infection. In many cases, night vision suffers, often becoming worse that back the PRK procedure, although daytime vision usually improves. Driving at night is not advised for the first few months, past glare and halo effects could cause safety concerns.


Since the PRK procedure actually removes a part of the epithelium, patients usually are required to wear a the theater bandage admission lens for sponsorship for five or six days, until the epithelium regenerates.


Advantages of PRK


About 80% of the patients who undergo PRK laser surgery no longer rely upon corrective lenses. PRK surgery is a secure procedure that boasts an fabulous rate of success. If you’ve worn glasses or right to use lenses for years, you’ll be quite glad behind your new, sure vision.


Remember, laser eye surgery is permanent, but as period goes by, your eyes can still alter due to the natural aging process. Some doctors pay for an reasonable restructure for that reason that if you ever compulsion the procedure repeated, it’s ended at no extra cost. If your at an age where your eyes are likely to be changing, tell in your 40s or 50s, you should strongly find this option.