Hello Friend, allow me to be transparent and real subsequent to you.

Ryan Angelo Ive always had a mighty prudence of plan and a infuriatingly accurate intuition; Ive always known I had some nice of mission.

However, as a kid I suffered quite a bit. I seemed to occupy extra peoples negative thoughts and emotions behind a sponge.

Home was fond and toxic. Stable and chaotic. serene and nightmarish. I school to be pleasing mammal uncomfortable. The unwelcome presence of alcohol and pharmaceuticals produced a Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde environment.

Anxiety and apprehension seemed to be built into stability and survival. Confidence was assaulted. At the similar time, my parents loved me and my siblings. They endevored to pay for us later than what we needed. They often went without in order for that reason that we could have.

My dad is invincibly faithful and hard working. My mom is unfailingly giving to her loved ones. They are both fond and fundamentally fine people. I have a lot of adore and gratitude for my parents. But unhealed wounds acquire past on. Some wounds are dark and deep.

At school, I was smart. I got fine grades without trying. But I couldnt acquire out of my mind if put upon the spot. I hated living thing asked to admission out loud. My mind was gone an invisible prison. Undiagnosed ADHD (which many light-workers have) guide to a complexly irritating range of agonizing experiences.

I was completely sore to energy. I didnt want to hurt others therefore I attracted bullies. I felt hated for no certain reason. I dreaded each day. I escaped reality in my imagination or my talks once God. Weight lifting and football were my saving graces.

And after that football was removed. An cause offense in college took this last vestige of identify away from me. My ego fractured and broke. I contemplated suicide, but some portion of me refuses to have the funds for going on – it turns out that part was what Ive arrive to call the Presence.

Presence. The core of Self. I felt this was a lecture to descent to the Divine. I became obsessed over body-mind mastery. I went help to university to psychiatry psychology. I became a high-end personal trainer who incorporated as many training modalities as possible. I patiently acquired skills. I refined my method.

King Solomon was a huge influence for me; hence, I developed the King Solomon great quantity Course.

I became successful. I worked when Fortune 500 Executives, consulted for billion dollar companies, conducted multitudes of workshops, and sat in VIP-Circles as their advisor. I became utterly talented at helping people create shifts in their lives hence the moving picture Shift Course.

The incorporation of psychology, hypnosis, NLP, body-mind awareness, interpersonal dynamics, personality systems, deed resolution, and stress-reduction allowed me to build a extremely powerful toolkit for helping people entry their Presence and Purpose.

I called it Alpha Influence. The beginning point that affects character, development, and values. I discovered superior that this training comes from archangel Michael and lady Faith as a sort of codex for helping human beings master consciousness.